Seminar on “Universities in transition to sustainability” (LOCAW project results)

  • Seminar On “Universities In Transition To Sustainability” (LOCAW Project Results) 1/1

People Environment Research Group organizes a public seminar to shareLOCAW Results with all UDC employees and stakeholders who have collaboratedwith this research. University of A Coruña was one case study of the LOCAWProject, different departments and more than 380 persons who work in thisinstitution have participated through workshops, interviews and surveys.

Rector of the University of Santiagode Compostela, Prof Juan Casares Long, Vice - Rector of the University of ACoruña, Prof Ricardo Cao and Prof Ana Iglesias, Dean of the Faculty ofEducational Sciences, opened this Research Results Meeting. Professors GarcíaMira, Coordinator of LOCAW Consortium, Amparo Alonso and Adina Dumitru presentedproject results and focused on recommendations for promoting sustainablepractices on Universities. Professors Pedro Vega and Manuel Soto analyzed theimplementation and assessment of environmental policies within Universities.Mr. Manuel Ferri, ISTAS, and Ms. Ana Belén Sánchez, Sustainlabour, discussed about sustainability accessing workand green jobs. In the afternoon Prof García Mira and Adina Dumitru introducedtwo new European Projects coordinated and participated by People EnvironmentResearch Group:

GLAMURS:Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Upscaling Regional Sustainability

TRANSIT: Transformative Social Innovation Theory Project

Members of the Group brieflyintroduced their work from different disciplines and fields of research,namely: architecture, sociology, psychology and social sciences in general.

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