Expresion of interest. Research associate at the University Of A coruna, (NORTHWEST OF SPAIN)

  • Expresion Of Interest. Research Associate At The University Of A Coruna, (NORTHWEST OF SPAIN) 1/2
  • Expresion Of Interest. Research Associate At The University Of A Coruna, (NORTHWEST OF SPAIN) 2/2

People-Environment Research Group

Project: ENergy TRANsitions from Coal and carbon: Effects on Societies


8th Framework Programme of the EU - Horizon-2020

1-May-2020 to 30-April-2023

The University of A Coruna (UDC), Spain, is inviting applications for a full time post-doctoral contract of Research Associate to undertake social research in collaboration with Professor Ricardo Garcia-Mira and other team members as part of the People-Environment Research Group at the University of A Coruna, Spain.

The work framework of this contract is the ENTRANCES project, which is framed under the topic "SSH aspects of the Clean-Energy Transition" and it tries to interpret the "Challengues facing the carbon intensive regions" within a multi-contextual framework: 1) the de-carbonisation policies; 2) the ongoing processes of deterritorialisation; and 3) the territorial dimension of clean energy transition.

This post offers an exciting opportunity to work with an approach to the study of coping strategies from a wide array of perspectives: A multidimensional perspective, combining different disciplinary frameworks; a comparative perspective, developing a comprehensive set of case studies; and a multilevel perspective, involving different key players at territorial, regional, national, European and global level.

The overall goal of the project is developing a theoretically-based and empirically-grounded understanding of cross-cutting issues related to Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) aspects (e.g. socioeconomic, socio-technical, socio-ecological, socio-cultural, socio-political and socio-psychological, and gender related aspects) of the clean energy transition in European coal and carbon-intensive regions, so as to formulate a set of recommendations able to tackle these issues.

In particular, the work will focus on:

Produce a comprehensive and detailed knowledge on the SSH related aspects of the transition to clean energy as they emerge in the 13 coal and carbon-intensive regions involved in the project with particular reference to their de/re-territorialisation processes

Develop a better understanding of the differentiated problems faced by European coal and carbon-intensive regions in transition and the coping strategies they have developed so as to identify under which circumstances they are able to foster economic development and social cohesion

Co-create a set of recommendations reflecting the lessons learned from the project as well the energy related views of coal and carbon-intensive regions stakeholders

The research will adopt an in-depth case study design, involving interviews with individuals in a range of coal regions and carbon intensive areas, alongside survey data and documentary evidence

You should have a PhD in psychology, sociology, or any other social science (or a related research area), along with significant previous experience of independent research and experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis.

The position is an opportunity of working within a very active research group, with working meetings at European level and with an opportunity to work with an international network of researchers. The local context is a context with opportunities, according to the candidate's worth. It is also a cultural environment that develops in a region with a long history and cultural heritage of the richest in Spain, Galicia.

Please, send an email with your Expression of Interest, together with a CV to Ricardo Garcia-Mira to the following email address: ricardo.garcia.mira@udc.es

Expression of interest deadline is 29 February 2020


Ricardo Garcia-Mira

General Coordinator - ENTRANCES